The Futsal Hub‘ has been created to provide a collective voice for the sport of futsal in Australia. It’s a community billboard for clubs around Australia to share news and resources. Unfortunately the fragmented nature of futsal in Australia is stifling the growth of the sport in our country. Just think what we could achieve if we combined resources to provide a greater range of development opportunities for our players. Imagine if the various associations and private entities put their personal interests aside and came together for the greater good of the sport.

Our mission is to unify the sport of futsal in Australia – to create a collective voice, to collaborate and to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

We have created a platform for everyone in the Australian futsal community to share news about local programs, tournaments and events – regardless of affiliation. We will be posting coaching resources and videos and we also welcome your contributions.

This is your site so please feel free to share your club news right here. Simply email thefutsalhub@gmail.com with details of your news story, images, videos and a link to your website and we’ll share your news on this site and our Facebook page.

Together we can build a unified futsal community.