Football NSW to Host Community Futsal Licence Course

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VSP to host Futsal Coaching Licence

5 November , 2019 By Football NSW

Football NSW will be hosting an eight-hour Community Coaching Futsal Licence course on the Sunday 8th December at Valentine Sports Park (8am-4pm).

The course will be all practical and will have the same focus on group discussion to assist in learning outcomes.

Naturally the course covers the game in greater detail by delving into more tactical aspects of the game and is aimed at coaches working with players above the age of 13.

This course has been developed from the FIFA Futsal Coaching manual and permission has been sought to use some of the practices from that resource.

The course will be conducted by  Jamie Amendolia

To register today contact Jordan Guerrero on

Registration fee: $125

Registrations close: 5 December 2019

Places available: 25