Coaching Video: 4 v 2 Game – Transitional Defense

This is a great little 4 v 2 game that focuses on transition to defense and delaying when outnumbered. The game starts when the ball is first passed. The attackers must executive the first two passes before they can move into free play (i.e. first pass up the line followed by a second pass across the court). The defenders then sprint to the bye line and then must return to their markers before they can engage. As the attackers have a numerical advantage defenders must work as a unit, one pressing the player with the ball and the other covering the space between the other three attackers. If the defender who is pressing the ball does his job well by limiting the passing options then the second defender can anticipate the space he needs to cover.

This is a great fall-back game for coaches when you only have 6 or 7 players at training. You can do this drill with a minimum of 6, but ideally with 7 as you can include a goal keeper. When each game breaks down the players rotate in a clockwise position and take up the next position. This way everyone gets the chance to play as an attacker and a defender. Players love playing this game.